U Smile Radio

U Smile Radio

Hey listeners, smile-up!

The U Smile Radio show broadcasts live from the USA on Wednesday evenings, Eastern Time,  at 9:00 PM, and then at 8:00 PM starting in November, at the conclusion of Daylight Savings time..

So, what is U Smile Radio all about? It’s about hearing the stories of so many people who are changing their lives-or not, to do what they aspire to do in their lives. For example, I know of a doctor who had a career as a medical pathologist and mid career he gave it all up to become a photographer! How do you do that? What were the challenges he encountered to make this life change? What steps did he take to make this happen? Did he always want to be a photographer?

Hey, I’m curious. Aren’t you? Have you ever thought about doing something different in your life and wondered what that would be like? Some folks call this “Life Design”, I call it SELF-REINVENTION!

Tune in to U Smile Radio to discover, and be inspired to reinvent yourself-or not. When we listen to the stories of other people, their challenges and successes, we get inspired to make our own personal changes to live the life we want.

So if you, or someone you know wants to make a life change, feels held back for some reason, has a disability/handicap, a creative “block”, feel “stuck”, or just don’t know what you want .. then tune in weekly and we’ll ALL be inspired together!

Let’s get those smiles going! I look forward to sharing.

My best to you,
Coach Lesly Federici

Biz# 908-755-3199
Skype# 19089982759

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